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6 years and going strong!

Today is my 6th wedding anniversary and I couldn’t be happier! I married my best friend, a cliché I know, but he really has been by my side through thick and thin! When we got married, we didn’t have a care in the world. I didn’t suffer from my health problems and everything was super easy. We’ve rarely fought over the past 7 years we’ve been together and here’s some of the things that’s helped us along the way:

13124597_576822835816070_4259000866768738745_nTrust – Trust has to be number one on my list. No relationship works if there’s little or no trust there. From day one, I’ve had total trust in him and it’s just grown. I always found it so strange when we got together how much trust I had in him. I’m glad though as I really do feel that trust is the foundation to any relationship, whether it’s a romanic relationship or even just a friendship.

Support – I would love to think I support him as much as he’s supported me, but in reality he’s done so much for me I don’t feel like I could ever repay him. He really has been my rock though my health problems and I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for him.

Fun – I’m just a grown up child. Anyone who knows me would probably back up that statement. I’m silly and crazy and I would like to think that as much as it drives him mad, it also regularly makes him smile. We do have a lot of fun together and picking each other up when the other is down goes without saying! It’s the little things.

Affection – Me and hubs must say ‘I love you’ a hundred times a day. Some would say it takes away from the sentiment, but I disagree. We always kiss each other goodbye when we go somewhere. Sometimes it’s just when one of us is going to another room in the house. It always makes the rubbish days a bit brighter, knowing that there is that person that loves you and wants to show you.

12647370_538684676296553_7211299368202097682_nCommunication – This is so important. During a difficult period in my illness, I started keeping things to myself. I wouldn’t share how I was feeling, if I was in pain etc. It had such a negative effect on our relationship and once it came to a head, we talked it out and I promised never to keep anything from him again. Being open, honest and checking in really has kept us going, even if what the other person has to say is upsetting.

Anyway, I think most of what I’ve said is a given. This is just what makes me and hubs work. I don’t believe any relationship can function without trust, though. If there’s ever doubt there, it’s probably unlikely to work in the long run.

These are the best 6 years of my life and I hope for many more! We are by no means perfect, is anyone? But, to me, we are perfection. I have a long way to go before I feel that I’m the wife I’d like to be to him. He definitely deserves nothing but the best and he keeps me going. I feel I have some catching up to do. Being so poorly over the past few years, I’ve obviously dropped the ball, but bit by bit I will be the wife he deserves 🙂

And if you’re reading this, I love you! I always have and I always will. I choose you…

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  1. Happy anniversary! Here’s to many more happy years together

    • swanny swanny

      Thank you xx

  2. Happy anniversary, I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for 17 years in July, together for 22 years. It’s not all been plain sailing but we’ve took on whatever life has thrown at us and we’re still just as in love.

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