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Boo Reviews Episode 1: Sweet Victory Minibe Review

So, we managed to get our hands on a Minibe afterall! Yay! Boo Reviews is GO!

Here’s Boo with a quick review on it. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing the Super Toki Quick and Fuel Cell with you. As you may have read in my previous post, this is such an exciting print for me. We love superheroes in this house and in the form of Toki, what’s better?!

Introducing Boo and his Minibe:

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  1. Sophie Sophie

    Awesome! Thanks Boo! I’ve actually just got interested in the Ju Ju Be and I’m quite sure my son would love the Minibe! Time to start saving I think!!

    • swanny swanny

      Thank you. He’s a right little show off. He had so much fun doing this and wanted to get it right so much. Bless himx

  2. Omg, he is SO cute! I love his eye for detail, appreciating every little element at such a young age is a lovely trait! His a credit to you xx

    • swanny swanny

      He has great eye for detail. He’s a funny little thing. Sweets in the pockets and all that haha. X

  3. Oh my gosh!
    B would absolutely be best friends with Boo.
    How adorable is he <3

    • swanny swanny

      I’m sure they would. We need to arrange that meet up x

  4. Hi Boo! Great review. The back pack looks fab. O know a few other kids your age who would love it! Though i susoect those side pockets would get used for storing their action figures!

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