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So this has been a long time coming. I have been meaning to set up a ‘proper’ personal blog for years now. Blogging about tech has been my passion for a very long time and still is, but I thought with the New Year, this would be a great time to start to share my personal journey.

Those of you who now me will know that I’ve had a lot going on the past few years, getting married, having a child and becoming poorly. Since I became poorly, I have had a bit of a battle with anxiety and (dare I say it) depression. Luckily due to the amazing people around me I am doing really well and although I still, like most people, have my good days and bad days, I would like to try and share my journey and what worked for me with others.

As well as the ‘deep’ side to my life, I also want this blog to share my family life, my loves and makes with the world. Please feel free to subscribe and I love hearing from people, so please comment or say ‘Hi!’ when ever you like 🙂

I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Swanny xx


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  1. Anthony Anthony

    One method that seems to worked as I’ve travelled is that sometimes the best ways to deal with a tantrum is to calmly walk away and leave the store, child 90% of the time stops and runs behind parent. You can also try being more calm at home to these sort of outbursts, he refuses to eat a certain meal don’t frown or well, just reply, “Fine then, go fix something for yourself!”.
    The key is to avoid dealing with his challenges to your authority by yelling and screaming at him as its just a poor example you’ll be setting. He’ll eventually yell and scream back at you thinking it’s okay. Next time your going shopping inform him you won’t be taking him this time as he was naughty. Best time to teach him actions have consequences.
    P.S. I’m from the Caribbean, more than a few mothers would’ve beaten his ass with whatever they have, an umbrella or even their own shoe, not something I condone.

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