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Ju Ju Be Supertoki and Sweet Victory

As a massive Tokidoki and Ju Ju Be fan, I cannot wait to get my hands on their new Supertoki and Sweet Victory prints. These have to be one of my favourite prints to date as I have a little boy who is obsessed with superheroes.

So, what’s so special about Ju Ju Be and why do you not have to have a baby to enjoy the hype? 

OK, I’m mum to a 5 and 12 year old. My 5 year old has been Ju Ju Be bag obsessed for as long as I’ve been getting them. He has a number of minibes that he won’t get rid of for love nor money. The obsession is real! I’m a massive Tokidoki fan and have been since my teens. I remember buying the replica bags when I was 16 as I couldn’t afford Lesportsac on my miniscule £2.88 per hour wage! The cute characters and the bright colours come to life and it’s almost impossible not to smile when you have one of these bags, regardless of make!

Ju Ju Be are great quality baby changing bags and the collaboration with Tokidoki couldn’t be more perfect. Even with a child who’s almost 6, they are my go to bag for Tokidoki prints. The bags are strong and sturdy, with lots of handy pockets to stay organised. They are washable and wipe clean, which is ideal when you have messy pups around all the time. Ju Ju Be offer the bags in all shapes and sizes, which makes it perfect for you to be able to mix and match your accessories. Be warned though, it is addictive highly addictive, Be prepared to kiss goodbye to all of your money. The best part of these bags is that my son and his friends thinks I’m cool, so well worth it in my eyes.

I’ve owned every bag style except the Be Organised and the Be Sporty as these are newer styles and I’ve been waiting for the right print to get these in. Supertoki and Sweet Victory really are lovely prints from what I can see online and it’s a real shame that despite trying super hard to get something for review, I was unable to, so I am sorry. MUST. TRY. HARDER.

I’m going to post a video review when I hopefully manage to get a bag. I’ll be trying for a minibe when the online shops list the styles. Keep everything crossed for me! Hopefully I’ll be able to bring you future prints in advance if I can get to trunk shows.

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  1. I love these, wish they’d had them when mine were small.

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