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An open letter to ‘Chronic Pain’

I’ve had enough now… I ignore you, but you keep coming back! You’re like a stalker, but I can’t get a restraining order for you. I can’t get you ‘put away’… you’re just there. I’m broken.

You don’t just give me pain, you’ve changed me as a person. I feel like a shell of my old self. Not only are you a stalker, you’re a thief! you’ve taken my confidence, my independence and most of my happiness. You make me feel worthless. The one thing you will never take is the love I have for my family. Whilst I have them, you will not stop me trying to get rid of you.

Make the most of life!

As a Mum, it can be hard to keep the fun going all week, every week. Especially if, like me, you spend a lot of time ferrying your child to various after school clubs to keep them active and healthy! The weekend comes and I’m zonked! I pass the parental control to my husband, who is an incredibly hands on Dad and makes weekends so much fun for my boy. But it’s me that’s missing out.

If you haven’t got anything nice to say…

Over the past year, I have lost count how many embarrassing incidents I’ve had whilst out. A number of them have made my blood boil and I was reminded of them recently as they’ve come up in chats with friends over the festive holidays. Yes, Christmas does turn a child into a monster! I’m sure those with children are more than aware of how hyperactive, over-tired and insane our little angelic ones become. And if you have more than one child, I salute you, as I am driven up the wall and round the bend and I only have the one!