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Easter with Squiggle dot and squeeze

It’s almost that week of madness and lets be honest, the weather isn’t really looking THAT great! Soft play is going to be heaving and you want to do something with your little one… What to do?!

If, like me, you love being creative with your little one, I have the perfect solution for you: Squiggle Dot and Squeeze craft boxes. OK, so there are a whole host of these boxes on the market to choose from, but Squiggle Dot and Squeeze stand out because they allow you to spend more quality time with your child.

What I love about these boxes is that you can do them inside or outside, so no matter what weather Easter brings us, there’s plenty of fun to be had, and why not invite some friends over to craft along too!

Moons and Monsters Box

We did the Moons and Monsters box and it was so much fun! Crafting with my boy is one of my favourite things to do! I love that these boxes come with something for you to do in the kitchen as well as a few fun projects to make. All of the instructions are on the reverse of the sleeve and you are taken through, step by step so you don’t get confused. They’re well written and understandable.

This was our attempt at the planet mobile. I unfortunately cannot share the final piece with you as, not only do I have two terrible children in the house, I also have 3 troublesome cats, who proceeded to destroy the mobile whilst we were out – just after finishing it! So, even if it doesn’t end up complete, you have the perfect cat toy at the end of it!

I love that there are a variety of boxes to choose from and I can almost guarantee there will be a box to suit your little one. The boxes are priced at a reasonable £15 and if you wanted something a little smaller to do, there are a couple of mini-kits to choose from also, priced at just £6.50. Postage is on top but you can choose from 1st or 2nd class and the boxes are always sent promptly.


I love these boxes. They’re so imaginative and it really gets you and your child working together. The quality of the projects are great and you get days of fun out of them! I highly recommend them. Take a look at their Instagram and Facebook group as they regularly run little competitions and, if you’re local to the Redhill & Reigate area, there’s also some great treasure hunts to take part in!

Here are a few pictures from our make!

Alex Loving his personalised box!

The contents of the box all labelled. So organised!

Vader, the naughtiest of the 3 cats!

Princess, the one who oversees the other two.

And last but not least, mischevious Milly, who along with her brother, Vader, destroyed the mobile!

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