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SWANNY.ME in Tots100, Top 500

When I created this blog, I had no idea what direction it would go in and whether people would even like what I wrote. I’ve always been lacking in confidence and even more so of late. I’ve worked really hard on the social aspect of the site and making it true to me and after yesterday, I really feel like that’s paid off!

OK, so I’ll stop being so cryptic! Tots100 is the main parenting blog raking site. Last month I was ranked #1394, which considering there are over 8000 blogs, if not a lot more, I was reasonably happy with that.

Over the past month, I’ve worked my butt off socially and got my posts out there. Unfortunately May hasn’t seen me write much, but sometimes the promotion needs to come first in order to get my posts read.

So, this month came round and I have been checking since the first of the month. It’s been a LONG wait, but well worth it! I was ranked #370 initially, but now the rankings have settled, I’m a little lower at #382. But still, that’s a HUGE 1012 places I have gone up from April.

I have no idea where I will be next month, but I wanted to mark this occasion for when I’m feeling rubbish about my writing. At the moment, I’m on a high 🙂 So here is a picture of the badge I have currently!

Sometimes it’s the little things that motivate you… This really has and thanks to the advice from a few lovely ladies, I was able to achieve an amazing ranking this month. Next goal is to be top 250, although I feel this will be a lot harder to achieve!


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  1. I have recently upped my game with my blog with amazing effects. I started promoting all my posts on social media and made a point of commenting on other blogs. My readership has more than doubled. I’m not trying to be a blogging star but I do appreciate others reading what I write.

  2. That’s a brilliant jump from last month. Congratulations to you! Looks like all that promotion is paying off. I hope next month is just as successful for you.

  3. Amazing! Well done xx

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