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World Book Day with Pizza Express and Scribblers HQ

A couple of weeks ago, Boo and I were invited to Pizza Express in Holborn to take part in their World Book Day workshop, where he got to learn the secrets of story telling. Now, Boo is superb at reading and recently read his story to the entire school in assembly – proud mummy moment. He has a very active imagination, so as you can imagine, we jumped at the opportunity to flex his story telling skills further.

The workshop was run by a couple of lovely ladies from Scribblers HQ, who have taken their training for kids all over the UK and have been at Camp Bestival for a number of years now. The tables were set up with lots of creative bits – pens, pencils, cutouts etc. The children were all given a booklet and before the workshop had even started, you could see the children were raring to go, writing their names on the cover and drawing pictures. Alex sat near the front discussing his love for Star Wars… No surprises there.

I don’t want to reveal too much about the workshop as it was fantastic and if you have a little writer, this is the perfect workshop for them. The way they explained how stories were created and with the help of Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter and Moana to name a few, they had the kids gripped. Some of the secrets revealed had the kids super surprised!  The workshop lasted for an hour and at the end the children were able to take home their masterpieces.

After the workshop, we all sat down and had some pizza and my favourite, dough balls!!! Who doesn’t love dough balls?! Pizza is a huge favourite in our house and, as always, the Pizza Express food was lovely and the staff were super accommodating.

The kids all got on like a house on fire and it was lovely listening to Boo tell me about the new friends he’d made as we walked down the road to the Cartoon Museum. It was a lovely little gathering and I met some lovely mums that day, who I’ve kept in touch with.

Boo had a great time and said it was the best day of his half term and I found it super memorable too!

These amazing workshops are running in Pizza Express’ all over the UK – Click on the links below for more details on how to book.

–    Sunday 4 March, in Birmingham

–    Saturday 24 March Manchester

–    Sunday 25 March, Leeds 

PizzaExpress is also supporting World Book Day with a special edition of the Dough Ball
Times activity pack, available in restaurants until the 25th March, featuring a £1 National Book Token and a competition where children are invited to win a year’s supply of books by
designing their own World Book Day Dough Ball Bookmark.

For more information head to:

16.02.18 – London, UK.
A childrenÕs creative writing workshop for 7-12-year olds in partnership with Scribblers HQ and PizzaExpress entitled: ‘How to write a novel in 60 minutes’ at the PizzaExpress restaurant in Holborn, London.
Photo: Professional Images/@ProfImages
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